The Town of Appomattox today announced a proclamation to declare a local emergency due to the ongoing national and worldwide coronavirus pandemic. 

There are currently no reported cases of the virus in the Appomattox County.

The Town of Appomattox operates under the County of Appomattox Emergency Operations Plan, according to the proclamation. 

Section 10-7 of the Code of the Town of Appomattox under Civil Emergencies reads:

A. A local emergency may be declared by the Director of Emergency Services, with the consent of the Town Council. If the Town Council cannot convene due to the disaster or other exigent circumstances, the Director or coordinator or any member of the Town Council, in the absence of the Director and coordinator, may declare the existence of a local emergency, subject to confirmation by the Town Council at its next regularly scheduled meeting or at a special meeting within 14 days of the declaration, whichever occurs first. The Council, when in its judgment all emergency actions have been taken, shall take appropriate action to end the declared emergency.

B. A declaration of a local emergency shall activate the response and recovery programs of all applicable local and interjurisdictional emergency operations plans and authorize the furnishing of aid and assistance thereunder.

Appomattox Mayor Paul Harvey signed the proclamation which states, "This declaration will be presented for confirmation by the Town Council at the Council's next regularly scheduled meeting or at a special meeting within 45 days of the declaration, whichever occurs first." 

It goes on to say, "... during the existence of said emergency the powers, functions, duties of the Director of Emergency Services for the County of Appomattox and other Town and County officers and employees having emergency responsibilities shall be those prescribed by the Plan and all applicable State and Federal Law."

The proclamation is in effect until rescinded by the Town of Appomattox. 

An attempt to reach Mayor Harvey for comment was unsuccessful at the time of this report. Information will be updated as it is made available.