Kristy Leigh Ratliff, 34, of Appomattox, was sentenced to serve four years on a felony charge of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine with another 16 years suspended. 

Evidence summarized in court stated that Ratliff had exchanged the drug for stolen property on May 10, 2018, at her residence. 

During sentencing arguments heard by Circuit Court Judge Andy Nelson, Ratliff and her attorney Kevin Bailey asked for a shorter sentence with admission to the Community Corrections Alternative Program (CCAP) for treatment of substance abuse. 

Commonwealth’s Attorney Les Fleet argued that Ratliff has a long history of drug convictions and believes a short-term drug treatment program would not be sufficient. Fleet instead suggested that Ratliff be evaluated for admission to the therapeutic community under direction of the Virginia Department of Corrections during her incarceration for a hopeful long-term solution. 

Ratliff is set to appear in Appomattox County Circuit Court again March 19 on two other drug charges and receiving or buying stolen goods. 

Online court records show that Ratliff has been convicted of past charges in Appomattox County dating back to 2008, including marijuana and other drug possession, breaking and entering, petit larceny and violations of probation and good behavior. 

Ratliff also pleaded guilty to a felony drug distribution charge in Campbell County on Dec. 18, 2019, and was sentenced to 10 years suspended with two years of supervised probation and evaluation for the CCAP program. 

In Appomattox County, Ratliff’s suspended time is under conditions of 20 years good behavior and three years supervised probation. She will be evaluated for admission to the therapeutic community.

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