The following are draft minutes from the Jan. 14 Town of Pamplin City Council meeting.

I. Town council meeting called to order by Mayor William Horton

II. Prayer: Marvin Hamlett

III. Council members present: William Horton, Sarah Hamlett Blackwell, Ronald Franklin, Marvin Hamlett, Andrew Daniels, and Vicky Dean, Elizabeth Mitchel (Town Clerk). Absent: Patrick Murray. Guests: None.

IV. Approval of Dec. 10 Minutes (Marvin Hamlett, 2nd: Ronnie Franklin, MOTION PASSED). Approval of Jan. 14 Agenda (Ron Franklin, 2nd Andrew Daniels, MOTION PASSED). 

V. Citizens or Guest Speakers


Elizabeth Mitchel reported that the current account balances were as follows: General: $10,542.86, Payroll: $8,960.59, & Utility: $7,999.54. Mitchel shared the Profit/Loss statement, Balance Sheet, Budget vs. Actual Report, and the list of outstanding tax payments. 


The museum plans are moving along, and PALS will be redoing the gravel in the parking lot as one of their spring projects. Stephen Bray of Norfolk Southern and Brian Fuller exchanged emails regarding the lease of land that has held up the High Bridge Trail project. The Christmas Market went well, but attendance was down, due most likely to the State High School Football Championships. Sarah Hamlett Blackwell shared that she has been contacted by someone interested in hosting an open mic night at the depot. This event would be self-sustaining. Now that the town has a lease for the parking lot with Norfolk Southern, No Truck Parking Signs will go up soon. 

C. UTILITIES: (to include Water/Sewer) 

The heating unit for the office has not been working, and the cost to repair it with Riddleberger Brother’s, Inc. is $1,307.50. They are allowing the town to pay off this bill in three payments. 

D. General Town 

Regarding blighted properties, the Ron Tolbert property is being sold to Dolan Associates. Billy will need to follow up with the Harrison property. Dickie Williams has demolished the Church Street property, but has made no movement to mediate the Main Street property. The town will be making him a fair market offer, and if that is not accepted, we will proceed with the seizure according to eminent domain. There are two properties that need to be evaluated – one owned by the Tolberts on Nikki Lane, and the other Richardson’s Garage. 

Susan Hudson has decided to step down from being the Pamplin representative at the Appomattox County Planning Commission due to health issues. Sarah is willing to serve in this capacity. Marvin Hamlett, with a second by Ronnie Franklin nominated Sarah Hamlett Blackwell to serve as the Pamplin representative to the Appomattox County Planning Commission. MOTION PASSED. 

With no further business, Ronnie Franklin moved to adjourn the meeting with a second by Andrew Daniels. Motion Passed. (The next meeting was held at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.)

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