July 4 cartoon

Finding ourselves on the brink of Fourth of July festivities, here are five tips to ensure a successful star-spangled celebration. To get the best possible Fourth of July celebration possible, take the following advice in stride. Don’t feel obligated to follow the advice precisely — adapt and make it your own.

1. Food is a must. What’s a party without food? Summer is prime time for hosting a cookout. If the host or hostess finds themselves too strapped for cash to feed a crowd, don’t fret. The party hosts can make the party happen regardless. For example, there’s no shame in letting guests know it’ll be a potluck Fourth of July party. Alternatively, the host can ask each family to bring a package of hot dogs and buns along with a side dish or dessert. Share the load and the fun. 

2. Cool off with water. A summer day can be quite a furnace with high temperatures. Having different ways for the kids to cool off is always a win. If a pool is simply not part of the party location, there are other workarounds. For instance, a slip ’n’ slide, sprinklers or water balloons will keep the kids busy and running around outside for hours. For an extra memorable fun time, some red, white and blue popsicles will be a hit with the kids.

3. Think outside the box with your guest list. It’s easy to stay in one’s comfort zone. Going out of one’s way to share the fun and food with others outside the norm doesn’t come easily. Sit down and consider inviting a few neighbors and acquaintances to join in the celebration.

4. Put on a good fireworks show. Be assured that a Fourth of July celebration without a stop at the local store or fireworks tent can seem a bit incomplete. For some fun, suggest that each family attending pitch in by buying a nice firework. A small fireworks show can be fun for all. 

5. Be safety conscious. It’s all fun and games until something goes wrong. According to ADT.com, over 50,000 fires are instigated by fireworks each year. There are six big things to keep in mind as precautionary measures: Don’t ever take fireworks apart or attempt to create your own; fireworks should never be pointed at oneself or others; fireworks should only be lit on the ground in places that are dry and resistant to fire; one should never light more than one firework at a time; a fire extinguisher should be kept close by along with buckets of water and a hooked up water hose in case of a fire.

We wish you and yours a safe and happy Fourth of July. Enjoy the celebrating. A fourth of July party can be as complicated or as simple as one makes it. The important part is that everyone has a good time and stays safe. Don’t forget to encourage your guests to bring sun lotion and bug repellent!