Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office announces additional drug arrests

The Appomattox County Sheriff’s Office has announced that eight suspects were arrested Thursday as part of a six-month investigation into illegal drug activities in Appomattox County. Two are listed as Appomattox residents. 

Among the drugs seized were cocaine, methamphetamine, and various prescription drugs that were illegally distributed. 

Charges against those arrested included distribution of schedule II drugs, distributing drugs within a school zone, conspiracy to violate drug control acts, and assisting others in obtaining prescription drugs. 

Appomattox County Sheriff Barry Letterman said that this particular investigation was conducted by Appomattox investigators and is separate from the “Operation Ice Melt” arrests reported Thursday night in Central Virginia, a sting that also apprehended several residents of Appomattox. 

Those listed in the press release are the following: 

  • Rodney Wallace Biglow, 36, of Concord
  • Tiffany Marie Capps, 24, of Keysville
  • Montel Shaquille Croner, 23, of Concord
  • Taylor Nicole Mayhew, 21, of Concord
  • Shardae Miland Moore, 20, of Appomattox
  • Michael Hunter Tolley, 29, of Appomattox
  • Joseph Anthony Williams, 32, of Lynchburg
  • James Pernell Womack, Jr., 20, of Charlotte Courthouse

The latest arrests are part of the overall effort to curtail illegal narcotics in the Appomattox County community. 

“If we can keep direct pressure on the people that are distributing these drugs, and help the ones that are on them to get off of them, it will make our community a better place to live in,” Letterman said in an interview with the Times Virginian. 

Oftentimes, Letterman said, drug use leads to other crimes, such as larceny, in order to support the habit.

Letterman also said that these type of investigations are necessary “to try to keep this type of activity out of the county.” 

Anyone with information about illegal drug distribution in Appomattox County may call the county’s anonymous tip line at (434) 352-3995. 

For a complete list of individual charges, see the March 20 edition of the Times Virginian.