Joy Bagby, representing the neighborhood of Oakleigh Avenue, Confederate Avenue, Lucy Street, Martha Street and Patricia Anne Lane, requested at tonight’s Appomattox County Board of Supervisors meeting that the board assist her neighborhood in finding a solution to the nuisance that vultures have proven to be on her property.

“We’ve been dealing with the vultures in our area for several years. Some years are worse than others,” said Bagby.

She said vultures are often seen congregated on rooftops, decks, in their yards and roads, leaving behind excrement to be cleaned up on a daily basis.

Bagby said they’ve attempted to scare the vultures away through various means but to no avail as the vultures continuously return.

Now they are requesting that the town and county assist them in providing a solution to the nuisance.

She explained that they reached out to the USDA wildlife office in Richmond who “graciously agreed” to meet with the concerned citizens and provide advice.

The representative informed them that the birds are federally protected (which they knew), but the office does have jurisdiction to handle the issue. But because the wildlife office is not federally funded, it will cost approximately $2,600.

Bagby presented a copy of the service agreement that detailed the process.

“At this point we have done all we could do to solve the issue but need help from our governing bodies,” said Bagby.

“Thank you so much for hearing my concerns tonight,” said Bagby.

Mary Lou Spiggle also addressed the board on behalf of her daughter who is also pestered by the birds.

County Administrator Susan Adams said she’ll be talking to the animal control officer and look into remedies that might help.

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