Appomattox fire crews respond to dryer fire

Shortly after 5:30 p.m. today, crews from the Appomattox Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) responded to a call regarding an indoor clothes dryer on fire at 229 Parkview Lane in the Parkview Mobile Home and RV Park in Appomattox. 

According to Timmy Garrett of the AVFD, no damage was done to the interior of the home and the occupant who was present at the time exited the home safely. The only residual effect was a smoky odor inside the residence. 

After preventing damage to the home's interior, fire crews brought the dryer outdoors and checked for the cause. Garrett said the minor incident was likely caused by lint buildup. 

Arriving at the scene were AVFD Engines 1 and 3, and Crash 9.