Elinor Mitchel

Elinor Mitchel was born March 16 to Pamplin City Town Clerk Libby Mitchel and her husband David Mitchel.

The Pamplin City Town Council met July 9 night to review and vote on the proposed Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget. No one from the audience rose to oppose the budget, and the council unanimously voted to approve it and to appropriate funds.

Income totaled to $104,191.50 and expenses totaled to $28,571.67.

Also at the meeting, fulfilling her civic duty was Elinor Mitchel, who is Town Clerk Libby Mitchel’s baby. Libby Mitchel said it was Elinor’s first time at a town council meeting. Elinor refrained from voting or opining on the town matters that surfaced at the meeting.

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