Appomattox County citizens flocked to their respective voting precincts from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday. After months of campaigning, door knocking, and speeches, the moment of truth came for who would be the next elected officials of Appomattox County.

The results are as follows:

For the sheriff of Appomattox County, Donald D. Simpson won with 61.95 percent of the vote. He ran against Christopher Sams.

With only write-ins vying for the position, Sara R. Henderson took 99.5 percent of the vote for commissioner of revenue for Appomattox County.

Uncontested, except for 37 write-ins, Leslie M. Fleet won Commonwealth’s attorney with 99.25 percent of the vote.

And for treasurer, Victoria C. Phelps won with 76.42 percent of the vote against Michael Gott.

For soil and water, uncontested except for write-ins, Mary Q. Lund took 96.04 percent of the vote.

For the board of supervisors (representing Appomattox River District,) William Hogan won uncontested, except for write-ins, with 99.43 percent of the vote.

John F. Hinkle beat Chad Millner for the Falling River District seat on the board of supervisors. Hinkle took 54.61 percent of the vote, while Millner weighed in at 45.31 percent.

The people of Wreck Island District chose Trevor Hipps to represent them on the board of supervisors — 71.19 percent of the vote went to Hipps while 28.55 percent of the vote went to Bryan Moody.

For school board, Wyatt K. Torrence took the Appomattox River District seat. Torrence won with 62.02 percent of the vote. Bobby K. Waddell ran for the Falling River District seat, uncontested, except for write-ins. He won with 98.77 percent of the vote. Wreck Island District chose Jason Wells to represent them on the school board. Wells won with 72.12 percent of the vote against Cindy Hall.

Mark Peake is once again taking his seat as senator. He took 79.04 percent of the vote. Matt Fariss also will resume his position as a member of the House of Delegates, having taken 76.71 percent of the vote.

Election information was drawn from at 9:20 p.m. Tuesday.