Jason Wells and his family

Shown is Jason Wells and his family. Wells is a husband, father, and assistant school principal running for school board (Wreck Island District) in Appomattox County.

A husband, father of three, and school assistant principal, Jason Wells believes he has what it takes to represent the Wreck Island District on the Appomattox County School Board.

Wells’ opponent is Cindy Hall, who is running for re-election. From Jan. 2016 through Dec. 2019, Hall has represented the Wreck Island District as a school board member.

While this is Wells’ first time running for public office, he said he has the background to fill the school board seat.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to serve the residents, students and teachers of Appomattox. I’m running for the Wreck Island District in Appomattox County,” said Wells. “I’m an educator as a profession, so I feel that it’s very important that knowledgeable individuals serve on our school board. With my experience of 15 years in education, I feel that I could serve the students, teachers, and community in that capacity. I was fortunate to start my teaching career in Appomattox. I taught in Appomattox for nine years before a job opportunity became open in Campbell County as an administrator. So now I’m an assistant principal.”

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