At Tuesday’s Appomattox Town Council workshop meeting, the council discussed the American Civil War Museum’s (ACWM) funding request to set up the museum as a welcome center. The request was made by Bob Sayre, director of the ACWM in Appomattox who had presented his request at a previous workshop meeting May 28.

Council members Steven Conner and Claudia Puckette were the first to voice their approval of the idea, believing that the welcome center would bring about positive results for businesses in the area. Council member Mary Lou Spiggle was not so enthused.

Spiggle was concerned by what she’d been hearing from some of the businesses on Main Street. Not only that, but she questioned how it might negatively affect the town’s downtown revitalization efforts.

“I don’t want to harm our brick and mortar businesses downtown in any way,” said Spiggle.

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