Michael G. Gott, a native of Appomattox County, has announced his candidacy for county treasurer.

Michael G. Gott of Appomattox has announced his candidacy for county treasurer.

Gott, who has served as a certified public accountant for 20 years, has worked in banking, world-wide ministry, investment, insurance, taxation and government, all in various accounting related roles.

“I believe my diverse background and experience would allow me to transition as treasurer nicely,” said Gott in a release.

An active churchgoer, husband and father of four, Gott served as secretary and treasurer on a deacon board, treasurer of a local Gideon camp, had multiple stints on a church budget committee and held multiple leadership roles in ministry.

Gott said he is excited to be apart of Appomattox and feels it would be an honor to be selected by his peers as he believes the role of county treasurer would blend well with his skill set.

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