The following is a recap of last month’s Town of Pamplin City Council Meeting as taken from the minutes of the meeting.

A.Treasurer’s report: 

Elizabeth Mitchel (Town Clerk) reported that the current account balances were as follows: General: $20,809.57; payroll: $5,841.74; and utility: $5,482.33, with several deposits pending. Jennifer Amos of SERCAP has completed updating the town’s financial records, and Mitchel shared the profit/loss statement, balance sheet, budget vs. actual report, and the list of outstanding tax payments. There is approximately $12,000 in outstanding taxes owed to the town.

B. Committee report: None to report.

C. Depot Report: 

Mary Cush (PALS) reported that they will be using a case instead of a shelf for the town museum. PALS has successfully secured a meeting with Brad Fuller and other DCR employees regarding the High Bridge State Park Trail entrance in Pamplin on Sept. 19 at 6 p.m. in the Depot Freight Room. They will be putting up signs and Sarah Hamlett Blackwell (vice mayor) offered to speak to someone at the fire department about including a notice of this meeting on their digital sign. 

D. Utilities: (to include water/sewer) 

The pump station is working, and once the internet connection has been updated, the entire waste water treatment plant will run automatically again. Mitchel asked the council to consider making the last Wednesday of every month the water shut-off date. Bills are sent out and due the 15th of every month, and this would help solidify the procedures for shutting off utilities for customers who are over two months behind paying their bills. Blackwell made the motion to make the last Wednesday of the month the utility shut-off date, and Ron Franklin seconded the motion. Votes in favor: 4; votes opposed: 1; motion passed. 

E. School, hotel, and downtown stores: 

The town has sent out blight notices to three property owners. Richard “Dickie” Williams has appointed his son Jason to attend to his property on Main Street and Church Street. Williams plans to remove the structures on Church and Main Streets that are caving in and renovate the remaining Main Street structure. Jewel Harrison and Tony Williams are in the process of removing the collapsing structures on their property. Kenneth Tolbert is removing the collapsing structure on Thomas Jefferson Highway. Mayor William Horton and Blackwell were to follow-up with these owners. 

F. Cemetery: 

There have been piles of old flowers and other items left at graves in the cemetery around the perimeter. Horton said that he would speak to Drew Elder about it. Other council members suggested getting a trashcan for the cemetery as well. 

G. New Business:

With no further business, Ronnie Franklin moved to adjourn the meeting with a second by Andrew Daniels. Motion passed.