Stretcher for wreck

Emergency crew prepares a stretcher for the passenger of the black Hyundai Tucson as a Virginia State Police trooper talks to the driver of the white Chrysler car that caused bumper damage to the Tucson (the majority of the damage is seen where there is a white speck of paint).

Two women were sent to the hospital after a collision shortly after 6 p.m. today near Taco Bell in Appomattox that caused slight damage and paint transfer to a bumper.

The Virginia State Police, Appomattox County Rescue Squad and Delta Response Team responded to an accident involving a black Hyundai Tucson and a white Chrysler car.

According to state police, both cars were stopped in the eastbound lane of U.S Route 460 at the stoplight near the Taco Bell. The Chrysler car allegedly was behind the Hyundai when the stoplight turned green and the Chrysler proceeded to move forward while the Hyundai remained stopped, resulting in a collision.

Both the driver and passenger of the Hyundai were transported to the hospital.

The driver of the Chrysler was cited for following too closely.