Hanover Waste Transfer site

Appomattox County officials and civilians last Friday tour the Hanover Waste Transfer site.

This past Friday, two members of the Appomattox County Board of Supervisors, two members of county staff and three local citizens were taken on a “comprehensive tour” of the Hanover Waste Transfer site, according to Appomattox County Administrator Susan Adams.

Adams said that more members of the board of supervisors would have liked to attend the occasion but had conflicting schedules on that date.

She said that the waste transfer station planned for the Concord area will be 70 percent the size of the Hanover station. Or in other words, 30 percent smaller.

County Waste of Southwest Virginia, LLC, provided information that said the walls of the building will be contained and fitted in order to keep rodents and other creatures out of the building, according to Adams. 

The organization also said that if it became an issue, deodorizing chemicals could be used to freshen up the area around the site. A Concord resident who was on the trip, according to Adams, said there are concerns for his chickens who lay organic eggs if the chemicals were to be used. 

Adams said there was no answer to the question as of now, but research is being done by County Waste to look further into the possible issue. 

She also said the neighborhood would have the choice to decide on whether the chemicals are used, almost in the form of a team-effort to come together and make a decision.

Adams said the land around the area of the future transfer site is gaining value, and County Waste is open to answering any and all questions in which those from around the area may have about the establishment.

At the tour, Adams said Jerry Clifor of County Waste provided his contact information for anyone who has questions. That number is (802) 379-1575.

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