Dr. Annette A. Bennett presents a surprised Brian Hofmann with the 2019 Teacher of the Year award for the school division.

Wednesday morning, Dr. Annette A. Bennett, superintendent of the Appomattox County public school system, along with staff, surprised middle school teacher Brian Hofmann with the 2019 Teacher of the Year award for the school division.

Hofmann was in his classroom when Annette and staff came to him with the news and balloons to celebrate the occasion.

Hofmann is a social studies teacher at the middle school. He’s been with the school for 10 years.

“Mr. Hofmann is a teacher leader at AMS and goes out of his way to support students, teachers, and the well-being of the school environment,” Bennett shared in her speech.

In addition to teaching social studies, Hoffman is a swim team coach. He’s also active in organizing and leading the school’s new teacher meetings.

Another project that Hofmann is recognized for is the “culture-building” program he created for Appomattox Middle School students. He creates and shares lessons on topics including but not limited to leadership, bullying and character.

“Mr. Hofmann goes beyond the expectations for teachers,” said Bennett. “He works with administrators, students, and coworkers to make AMS better. His contributions to AMS are many, and he is an example of the best in Appomattox County Public Schools.”

Hofmann, a Lynchburg native, said he was surprised.

“I’m very honored,” he said. “As part of mentoring — or different things — I’d go into a lot of classrooms here and see different teachers, and I learned a lot from them.”

He attributed his achievements to the ideas, advice and inspiration he’s built on from other good teachers, adding that there are a lot of good teachers at his school.

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