Appomattox County Sheriff Barry E. Letterman makes remarks recently at the Virginia Sheriff’s Institute Spring Conference in Norfolk as part of his role as president of the institute.

Appomattox County Sheriff Barry E. Letterman recently presided over the Virginia Sheriff’s Institute Spring Conference in Norfolk as part of his role as president of the institute.

“It was good,” said Letterman. “(There were) over 400 attendees, and the spring conference is for training for deputies and sheriffs from across the state. And (there were) a lot of good speakers, and part of my job was presiding over the conference and the board meetings that took place.”

Letterman made opening remarks and presented the speakers.

The itinerary included recognition of Sen. Richard L. Saslaw of the 35th Senate District, posting of colors, perspective on General Assembly issues and recognition, national use-of-force data collection, impact of Medicaid expansion of local jails, activities of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, compensation board/sheriff issues, diplomatic immunity and handling incidents, FBI next generation identification, records retention, review of the 2019 General Assembly legislation and managing major incidents.

The annual conference was held April 24-26 at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. Its purpose is to inform sheriffs and deputies about recently passed laws from the General Assembly. It also is a way for law enforcement to connect.

“Our goal is that this conference renews old friendships and provides bridges to new partnerships. Networking is an integral part of our jobs …” Letterman stated in his message. “I am proud to be affiliated with the professional men and women of this organization.”

Letterman was elected as president of the Virginia Sheriff’s Institute (VSI) last year to serve a term of one year. A new president was elected at the conference, and Letterman stays on as immediate past president. He will be retiring as Appomattox County Sheriff when his term ends Dec. 31. 

VSI is a nonprofit organization that has more than 26,721 members. In 2018, VSI awarded $71,000 in 71 scholarships to Virginia students who are pursuing a criminal justice degree. It encourages sheriffs and deputies to do charitable and educational activities to promote law enforcement and reduce crime.

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