During a period of considerable uncertainty and contentious debate surrounding coronavirus-related regulations for businesses and individuals, the role of face masks, and the legality of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s rule by executive order practices, some people are taking to reporting businesses that they feel are not complying with the governor’s requirements.

From the period of June 1 – July 28, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) reports that it has received 42 of these complaints for businesses in Appomattox County, according to Robert Parker, Public Information Officer for VDH’s Western Region.

Complaints came via the VDH website and by phone (about 20 percent of them by phone). Dr. Lindsey Lockewood, Public Information Officer for Central Virginia Health District, noted, “Usually, complainants are members of the general public. Occasionally, a CVHD employee will file a complaint on a resident’s behalf.” Some of them left their name, while others remained anonymous.

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