Pastor Wyatt Venable Scholarship Fund tea party fundraiser

Clarice Ellison (right) expresses her gratitude to the Pamplin Depot for the use of the building during the Pastor Wyatt Venable Scholarship Fund tea party fundraiser event as her mother, Minerva Venable, holds the glass decorative gift for the depot.

A tea party fundraiser was held at the Pamplin Depot at 3 p.m. last Saturday for the Pastor Wyatt Venable Scholarship Fund.

Friends and family — along with newcomers — gathered around for a time of fellowship and celebration in an effort to raise money for the scholarship fund. 

While the scholarship fund has been in effect since February 2007, fundraising through the means of a tea party was a first for the scholarship fund trustees.

The scholarship itself is named after Pastor Venable — a man who was described as having a heart for children and education. It was only fitting that his family would continue to do positive work in honor of his legacy. 

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