Barbara Pickett

Barbara Pickett, the first Appomattox County School Nurse

In 1967, Barbara Pickett was hired as the first Appomattox County School Nurse and held that position for a year before moving on to another nursing position elsewhere. 

During the month, the Times Virginian will run a series written by Pickett, where she relates her experiences of helping to develop much-needed innovative health care in the Appomattox County school district. 

Among the topics Pickett discusses are developments in sensory screenings, speech therapy, communicable diseases, physically and mentally disabled children, poverty and nutrition, sex education, sick rooms and other miscellaneous activities. 

In the meantime, Pickett, who is retired and resides in Pamplin, commented on the recent school shutdown due to COVID-19 as well as some of the advances in medical treatment since her days as a nursing student at the University of Maryland hospital.

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