LU Send Now team

Shown are members of the LU Send Now team June 26 at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority annual conference in Washington, D.C. 

President Donald Trump publicly recognized a group of Liberty University students during the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to the Majority annual conference in Washington, D.C., last Wednesday, just days after the group returned from Tulsa, Okla., where they helped residents recover from extreme flooding.

“Today we are excited to be joined by hundreds of college students, including eight students from Liberty University, a great school, who just got back from a mission trip to Oklahoma,” Trump said.

He asked the students, part of the LU Send NOW disaster relief initiative, to stand, and conference goers applauded them.

“(Liberty) is a great school, and (LU President) Jerry Falwell is a friend of mine. He was with me right from the beginning,” Trump added.

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