Feb. 19, 2019, was another exhibition of local bureaucracy wielding it’s power over the citizens in their county. The hundreds of people that live in and around the proposed trash transfer site in Concord have been allowed to voice their objections to the transfer station but have not been heard by the Board of Supervisors.

It basically boils down to: We have made up our minds already, and we are only going through the motions required by law. In my opinion this should be put to a vote of the taxpayers in the Concord area. The rest of Appomattox County seems to be apathetic to the problem. The commissioner from Pamplin voted for it. Well of course he did. He lives miles away. He doesn’t have to smell it, hear it or look at it everyday on his commute to and from work. His property does not abut it. His home value is not dependent on the fact that it will be located 100-yards or so from his property. 

The one lone vote against was most likely a show for the public. It’s more like they were pretending to listening.

Well I guess someone was listening. The board was listening to County Waste. Not to the taxpayers of Appomattox. A good question for the board to answer is how much will the county loose in tax revenue when no more houses are built in and around the proposed garbage dump?

- Joseph Baldwin, Concord