As we reflect on Sen. John McCain’s life, I believe he saved his most profound lesson to the end! “If you want respect, you must show respect.”

In planning his own funeral, Sen. McCain had three main requests:

1. The type of religious service,

2. Former presidents Obama and Bush give the eulogy, and

3. Donald Trump not be in attendance (as did the Bush family when Barbara Bush died).

Some say request three was childish and disrespectful. No! Here is what was childish and disrespectful:

1. Saying John McCain is “not a war hero. ... I like people that weren’t captured.” When Trump said this, he disrespected all POWs and veterans … and he never apologized!

2. Having waited two full days after McCain’s death to put out a statement from the U.S. president and Command-N-Chief.

3. Having to relower the flag at the White House after one day at the insistence of the Veterans Association for the period of McCain’s interment.

4. Playing golf during McCain’s funeral service at the National Cathedral. (He could have watched and better understood why Bush and Obama were invited and he was not.)

As a veteran of the Vietnam era, I’m proud to say that I voted for John McCain for president.

To my fellow veterans and Americans, supporting President Trump is one’s choice, but overlooking his disrespect for John McCain and not calling him out for it is quite simply inexcusable.

From my perspective, Sen. John McCain and President Donald Trump have two things in common:

1. Both are Republican.

2. The number five. Five being the number of years John McCain was tortured in a POW camp in North Vietnam and five being the number of times Donald Trump dodged the draft during that same period.

Want Respect-Show Respect!

- Dennis Torrence, Appomattox