Dear Editor,

What is going on with the corrupt old school politicians of yesterday? The professional politician/lawyers are not interested in making changes for the better nor would you see any difference except for more state taxes coming out of our pockets. Lest you forget, the issue of the two failed governorships of Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe left their mark on Virginia with less skilled high paying jobs and proposed tax increases.

I am here to let you know that these two so-called Democrats are nothing more then taking from the rich and giving to the “so-called social programs” that will cast there votes for them because of social ongoing credits without any reform. Is this what you want: more government hands on without true representation? Do you really want: the Dems running for seats in November without any business sense and without any fiscal responsibilities?

I can with 99.9% accuracy assure you that our state and federal taxes will raise if we allow this new “high-bred” thinking of addressing the deep pockets first and mouth service to the masses in the Democrat Party to take us back ten steps.

I am not a Republican Party card holder but I do my due diligence in reading up on these failed candidates, which just happen to run on the Dem Party platform. Please, if you are a hard working American living from pay check to pay check and can on occasions put extra funds into American-made goods--while President Donald Trump is in office, it appears to be a solid investment so far--why not sit down in coach or first class on the Trump train, and let’s go for a ride down the capitalism tracks for the people and stay the course through 2020.

This is not the time to make party corrections but to fix the broken Obama-era mandates and just as Mr. Trump stated, “What do you have to lose,” just give me a chance. Stand fast and don’t let Tim Kaine speak sweet nothings into your ears. Just think, anyone can become a professional politician: Just show on your resume that you have not worked since leaving my law practice. What is hard work anyway?

- Dr. Gary D. Goldberg, retired UCLA academic medicine professor and author