Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

When I was working at M&M’s Candy Company there was a bunch of us who hung out together and went deep sea fishing together. I was the one who was not too keen on going when everybody decided they were going for mackerel and whiting down at the shore. 

We were going out on the Queen Mary out of Brielle, New Jersey. The weather was going to be hot. We had one day at work left, and all day that’s what we talked about — deep sea fishing. I had a Volkswagen pickup truck back then. Fred, Tony and Pete decided that I was driving because it was cheaper on gas with the Volkswagen. Pete was going to ride up front with me and Tony and Fred were riding in the back of the truck bed. It was a two and half hour ride.

I met everybody at the diner and loaded up the truck. We left at four in the morning and the Queen Mary was pulling out at 7 a.m. Every time I went deep sea fishing I got sick. Every time I did get sick I swore I never would go again no matter what. When the guys teased me back at work, I had to give it one more try. 

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