The Appomattox County Board of Supervisors vote down the fence-in ordinance.

Timothy Cloverdale spoke in favor of fence-in since a neighbors cattle caused over $5,000 damage to his air conditioning system and he cannot collect damages due to the present fence-out ordinance. Ironically, the June 19 Times Virginian front page highlights: “Two cars hit cow” and “Fence-in ordinance falls short.”

Fortunately no one was seriously injured in the cow crash. However, these two cow-crash owners are now out a lot of money for car repairs and medical expenses and cannot seek retribution from the cow owner due to the present county fence-out ordinance. 

The voted-down proposed fence-in ordinance would have imposed fines for animals running at large. Some people at the supervisors meeting believe the fines would cause hardships for farmers. Some supervisors want to study the fence laws more.

The solution is simple. Enact the fence-in ordinance without fines. This will allow someone to seek compensation for damages caused by at-large livestock. Seems a no-brainer to a simple-minded person.