Dear Editor,

During Senator Tim Kaine’s recent visit to Appomattox, Democrats did little to convince me that he cares about our area.

Kaine voted against the Trump tax cuts and said he will work to get rid of them. Why would he do this to us? We are keeping more of our hard-earned money in our pay checks, and businesses are returning because of the tax cuts.

Trump is keeping his promises. Our American economy is making an unprecedented come-back in just a 1½ years under Trump. But Kaine wants to take all that back. Kaine supports NAFTA and other unfair trade deals that killed Thomasville Furniture plant and so many companies. Trump is already in the process of eliminating bad trade deals, including NAFTA.

We need good jobs in Appomattox County, Sen. Kaine. We need people who put America first.

This November, vote to continue our economic boom by voting for Trump ally Corey Stewart for Senate to replace Kaine (Hillary Clinton’s running mate). Vote for Denver Riggleman for Congress because we don’t need more big government, big-spending liberal Democrats like Leslie Cockburn.

Riggleman is a job-creating businessman from close-by Nelson County who supports Trump’s America First agenda. Remember Democrats have pledged to impeach Trump if they win enough seats.

You can stop them by voting! Are you registered to vote? Do you need help getting to the polls? Appomattox Republicans can help. Please email [the Appomattox County Republican Committee] at

- Karen Angulo, Concord