As The Page Turns

Slowly but surely, the world, along with Appomattox County, will be opening back up to the public in the upcoming weeks. For the safety of our patrons, the J. Robert Jamerson Memorial Library will not be opening our doors until the middle of June or afterwards, depending upon the state of the COVID-19 situation. 

We are doing some much needed renovations and deep cleaning while we are closed to the public. 

When we do reopen, it will be a “soft opening.” What does this mean? We will be opening in stages and avoiding modest to large crowds. 

What does this mean for our patrons? That we will continue to serve the public mostly through online venues, including this year’s Summer Reading Program. We will be postponing all Story & Craft Times, adult programs such as “Library for All,” special guests and extra events until after the fall, or when it is safe to do so. 

Why are we postponing so many venues? We feel that opening too quickly may impact the health of our patrons and we want to be as careful as possible in this uncertain time.

On June 1 we will launch a virtual Summer Reading Program. This year’s statewide theme from the Library of Virginia is “Imagine Your Story.” We are keeping everything pretty basic, as this will be the first year that we run this program strictly online. We will have more information in the next two weeks as we put the finishing touches on our programs. This year we have exciting news, and despite the challenges, we will be including adults. We will have something for everyone to participate in. 

For those in the program up through high school, you will still have the opportunity to earn prizes. For the adult program you will be given the opportunity to earn chances for a drawing for some fantastic items.

If you have any questions or need to reach out to us, please contact us in the following manner; e-mail; for public services please email Katharine Bloodworth directly at; phone (434) 352-5340, fax (434) 352 0933; website; and on Facebook at

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