I have been told by a few folks that the word around town is that the Concord folks are “crazy” or spreading fear and this Trevor guy who created the Facebook page just stirred them all up: “That’s just the type of guy he is, an angry complainer type.” That COULDN’T be further from the truth.

I’m a Christian man and father of three, soon to be four. I enjoy peace and goodness. I was quite content minding my own business. That was until an assault was launched on my neighborhood.

I’ve educated myself well on this project (County Waste transfer station). I’ve read the entire proposal for what is being planned; I’ve visited the example site in Fredericksburg, and I’ve studied over the potential impacts. I’ve also been keenly aware of what hazards we can be exposed to, how traffic to this degree will change the Stage/Stonewall neighborhood, and how an industrial facility like this is poorly sited in this location.

What I’ve learned most of all, is that you shouldn’t bypass the public when you make a decision of this magnitude. It was clear to me from the first phone call I made that minds were already made up. This is especially likely to happen when you’ve been doing your research with the trash people’s playbook for months. What I’ve heard from County Waste and a board supervisor on two occasions is that it “won’t be that bad.” Wow, what a thing to say. Is that the standard by which we make decisions in this county? If you want someone to blame for the backlash, look in the mirror.

- Trevor Hipps, Concord