I, like many others, seem to develop more interest in politics as I grow older. Personally I believe I have a World View as I listen, read and watch public opinion change, daily.

Many of the “changes” occurring of late is the hate, not only in the spoken word but the written word as well. Clearly, the art of listening and weighing good from bad, right from wrong has been swallowed by The Swamp.

I was sick to my soul when the latest information about abortion at any point of the baby’s development, including during delivery, is being pushed for acceptance by our government officials and others. Worst of all — by our own Virginia Governor. The man who spoke the hippocratic oath to SAVE lives. The man who calls himself a pediatrician. Where is the outcry over this “infanticide”? In case no one has noticed, it has been shoved under a rug by a smoke screen which miraculously appeared in the form of racism. BOTH of these evils need to be addressed. One at a time. 

THIS governor’s’ “I’m sorry” shows how quickly he was absolved from long ago photographs which were, in fact, “racist.” Was it HE in the pictures? Only “he” and God knows for sure. The truth will prevail sometime, I’m sure. In the meantime, we will hear less and less of these issues which need to be watched, closely. OR — there will be NO changes made to either of these crimes, and CRIMES they are. Morally AND Legally.

During ANY election, pay attention to those you vote for. Do your homework.

- Ellie Dimino, Red House