Just Say No To Garbage Dump Business In Appomattox!

Thirty years ago, to my recollection, a local resident attempted to start a “small garbage dump” to make a little money on his 600 acres in close proximity to RT 460 and the railroad. Appomattox County was in the middle of enacting zoning.

Neighbors objected vigorously, the board of supervisors listened to the citizens, went to court, stopped the garbage project, and at the time set up the county zoning not allowing any private landfills.

It was discovered that B.F.I. (Browning Ferris Industries, now Republic Services, Inc.), one of the largest waste companies at that time in the U.S., out of Houston, Texas, had plans to buy the 600 acres once permitted and develop a major landfill in Virginia (to my recollection). Such a large facility would have ultimately made our quiet little community “The Armpit of Virginia.”

On January 9, 2019, a public hearing was held by our county planning commission on another garbage situation. Approximately 100 people attended with 19 citizens speaking in opposition and none speaking in favor.

As happened 30 years ago, the garbage project in the Concord area requested by a small Bedford county businessman was reported to be small, odor free, little noise, and well protected from neighbors.

Let’s call a spade a spade. This so called “county trash transfer site” is actually a “regional garbage dump” site on 34.5 acres, starting off with 60 garbage trucks, dumping 400 tons a day and transferred to 20 tractor trailers going east crossing the 460 median strip much narrower than the tractor trailers are long.

I believe This site will be forever getting bigger and bigger, more garbage and more garbage, more trucks and more trucks, more noise and more noise, more stink and more stink.

A Bedford County businessman, County Waste And Recycling Service, Inc., out of Clifton Park, NY, and potentially a national garbage business (B.F.I.) now headquartered in Phoenix Arizona (if County Waste buys or leases that land), will make a lot of money.

Common sense says that Appomattox citizens will take a beating!

The $300,000 estimated garbage financial impact produced amounts to 2 cents on Appomattox tax rate (1 cent of 2018 real estate taxes produces $132,000).

No amount of revenue bought in by any garbage business will offset the harm done to local Appomattox citizens including lowering quality of life and loss of monetary value of neighboring homes, land, and businesses thus lowering tax revenue.

To our Board of Supervisors, please just say no to any private garbage dump business in Appomattox. Garbage never was and never will be a winning strategy for growing our wonderful quiet community.

- Dennis Torrence, Appomattox, former board of supervisor member for eight years