Dear Editor,

When I read the cover story of “Appomattox County Schools Chairman: Supervisor underpaid” (July 11 issue) and found out that the position paid at rate of over $140,000 per year (for the previous superintendent), I was sure that it must have been a misprint. Surely, the county of Appomattox can’t afford to pay at the same rate a professional doctor or lawyer may earn while working in Appomattox County.

The fact that no one raised the question of proper and balance pay scale according to the amount of funds brought into the county and factoring in the average income of tax paying residents, too, is beyond sense and sensibility of reason when we are forced to pay an automobile taxation that has nothing to do with the DMV, or the state department of transportation, but solely for the counties in this Commonwealth alone. It is called a “personal property taxation” bill that was voted on by the county-seated council years ago to pay for infrastructure and upgrades to our county, plus to pay our employees a small salary and as I was told also, for the local jail service which looks too nice for those who break the laws.

The big question is where does the large amount of funds, which pays for a county school superintendent, come from? I can’t blame Dr. Annette A. Bennett for taking this position when she is quite aware that this amount of money ($120,000) is a dream come true for her since she is only holding a low-level EdD degree and not a J.D. or even an M.D. or the highest-level PhD professional degree offered today by a fully accredited institution or an American Ivy League university.

So, I ask again, where does this crazy amount of money come from in order to pay our new superintendent?

OK, another interesting fact is that each morning of the week, thousands of Appomattox residence take to the streets to head into the cities for work because there is no significant industry, factory or big box business within our county. The average income for a family living in Appomattox is under $30,000 a year, and by most city standards, that is right at the poor to poverty level, so I ask for the third time: Where is this crazy amount of money coming from?

What was done in the past is over and there is no correcting the mistakes that were made by our town council, but before Bennett starts this school year, there must be a review open to the public and reveal all the funding to see just how this crazy financial contract was offering the ludicrous amount of $120,000 per year when our local P.C.’s (professional corporations) don’t even come close to this amount.

The public needs to know the truth behind the county locations and payouts for council and supervisors.

The public needs to have a voice in this matter too.

- Dr. Gary D. Goldberg, PhD, retired academic medicine professor from UCLA School of Medicine and hospital.