(This letter is in reference to a trash transfer station wanting to locate in Concord.)

Trying to talk a good game because they want it for the convenience of themselves. I think its all lies, and yes, I’m concerned that it will smell, have lots of noise, rodents of all kinds and pollution from chemicals, medicines and poisonous bottles going into trash bags that they don’t have a clue about, and there is a creek behind the property that I’m concerned will eventually be poisoned and will endanger property owner’s pets, and well water chemicals that would seep into the ground over a period of time, and they cannot write in their own blood that it won’t happen.

The property owners are not willing to take the high risk of this happening. Their property value will also drop due to this trash transfer station coming into this beautiful community where the residents who live there take pride in their property, their homes and what’s around them.

Also to mention a high rush of automobile crashes and possible deaths due to these trash trucks pulling out onto 460 — there is heavy traffic all day long through there. Think long and hard: It could be one of your family members of the ones who voted to put the transfer station there. I personally would not be willing to take that risk of endangering a life of anyone’s family.

Appomattox County needs to really lay this on the table and think long and hard about all the bad that could come out of making a bad decision passing this. The revenue is not worth it at all.

Appomattox County, stand by your citizens who live there, pay taxes there, spend their hard earned money there; they have the right to be protected by Appomattox County and not to have to listen to a smooth line spoken by some stranger who only wants to benefit themselves because they want a place to put that transfer station! I say “Dump the Dump.”

- Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Guthrie, Brookneal, formerly of Appomattox County