John Redding

This week, I would like to start out by commenting on something that I think is potentially very detrimental to everyone in our community. I will use the current public debate regarding the proposed Welcome Center as an example. Note that I am not commenting at this time regarding whether the proposal should be accepted, rejected or modified. I am speaking only about the process.

Those on one side of the issue have mounted an intensive smear campaign filled with incorrect and misleading information in an attempt to cement public opinion in their favor. Because some of the individuals promoting this point of view are in positions of public trust, many in the community are accepting their declarations without question. And, of course, social media is being utilized to fuel the fires of discontent.

This is a business decision and should be made by the Appomattox Town Council based on appropriate research and analysis and only pursued if believed to have a positive cost/benefit to our community. If you have information to assist them in their decision, please make it available to them. Emotional opinions are valid as long as they are based on reasonable and truthful information.

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