A reminder of getting to the voting precinct on Nov. 6. No one should stay home and not participate in this most significant event. I’m hoping the area will have the largest turnout ever. Allowing the voters in NOVA, Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton and Portsmouth to decide the winners in statewide elections has gone on long enough and the practice will continue if voters in other areas of Virginia don’t care enough to stop it.

Attempts to get answers from Sen. [Tim] Kaine on questions such as — “What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishment in each of the six years you’ve been in the Senate?” — a staffer answered back that I should follow the senator’s web postings. I asked what involvement he had in the development of the Virginia Tech Research Center in Roanoke — no answer. Currently, one of his political ads states he’s worked with Democrats and President Trump to get things done in D.C. This is a guy that voted “nay” on Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. 

While governor of the commonwealth, many attempts were made to increase taxes to no avail. Largely due to the fact that his predecessor, Mark Warner, enacted the largest tax increase in state history [at the time] while governor Kaine was relegated to cost cutting measures such as closing rest stops on interstates, furloughing state employees and increasing fees on services administered by the state. Remember the massacre in 2007 at Virginia Tech when Kaine and Tech president Charles Steger [allegedly] made an attempt to “sweep” the problem under the rug. Had it not been for those wounded in the incident and relatives of the deceased not accepting the initial findings the investigation was reopened. … In the waning days of his tenure as governor, he attempted to have a German national serving a life sentence for murder transferred to his homeland where he’d be incarcerated for two years and be released. His successor, Bob McDonald, prevented such a transfer. Kaine’s response was he was thinking of the taxpayers. Today, Jens Soering continues to occupy space in a Virginia prison. In the senate, Kaine served as a “lap dog” for Obama voting for [spending increases] that arose, and the federal deficit spiraled upward.

Kaine is a political opportunist; he bears this fact by being on the ticket with Hillary [Clinton] in 2016. 

I’m of the opinion that we need a new junior senator for Virginia. Vote him out of office on Nov. 6.

- Walter Foster, Concord