To the Appomattox County Board of Supervisors: Just Say No.

With all due respect, this is a democracy, not a consensus of the few. The Constitution of the United States begins with “we the people.” Don’t put profit ahead of the will of the people.

This nation reunited right here in historic Appomattox. Once again the people of Appomattox are determined to unite to reject this so-called trash transfer station being brought here by outsiders from New York.

This proposal in my opinion is nothing more than a bait and switch operation organized by outsiders. It was said at the last meeting to be careful for what you ask for, you may get it. I took that to mean if the so-called transfer station was not approved that it could get worse. If it is approved, I feel it will get worse. There is also an old saying that goes “never believe what you hear and only half of what you see.” I refer the latter statement to this “bait and switch scheme” organized by these carpetbaggers bent on destroying beautiful historic Appomattox.

Hanging on the wall in the Carver Price building is a beautiful sign which reflects the Commonwealth of Virginia. It reads “Appomattox, the heart of Virginia.” If this proposal were to move forward, it needs to be changed to “Appomattox, the toilet of Virginia.”

Raise the property taxes to boost the coffers of the county, not destroy historic Appomattox. By raising property taxes, the goals for the county will be realized without the so-called trash transfer station. Appomattox/Concord is a little piece of heaven. Do not turn it into a maggot, fly and mosquito stench of Hell. Deny this proposal.

The people of the United States, including the hardworking tax paying citizens of Appomattox/Concord, are fed up with educated idiots who refuse to listen to “we the people.” If you the bureaucrats would not vote to put this so-called trash transfer station in your front or back yards, do not put it in ours.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the next rebellion begins where the last one ended? Once again, I and we the people urge you to deny this proposal.

- Mark B. Ferguson, Concord