I’m writing this to you mainly out of a sense of complete frustration and an overwhelming desire to, perhaps, vent my feelings in the type of forum your newspaper could provide.

Our family moved into this area nearly twelve years ago and dearly love this area and the people who we’ve met here. However, not all our experiences have been positive. Perhaps the biggest “complaint” we have is the difficulty in engaging contractors to do the various repair jobs we cannot do ourselves.

We have hired various individuals “by word of mouth” and have had varying degrees of success. After being gouged by the last contractor I hired, I was determined to solicit bids from at least two contractors in the future.

In early March of this year, I was informed by the persons who pumped our septic tank that the tank walls were about to collapse and the line to the distribution hub was damaged. After a lengthy process of getting a repair plan and getting approvals for it from the Health Department, I solicited request for quotations from two contractors who several friends had assured me could do the job.

I sent these two companies RFQ’s in June and also responded to a request from a contractor who had heard of my need from the firm who pumped our field in March. So by early July, I had three contractors — call them “A,” “B,” and “C” — promising to respond.

I’ve been trying to get a written quote from these individuals since then. Over the past three months, I’ve called “A” and “B” at least once every ten (10) days. I managed to contact “A” about three times during this time frame and “B,” I have not heard from since I handed him the RFQ. While my calls to “C” were not as numerous, I did managed to contact him at least once. Both “A” and “C” said they would respond to my RFQ. But they haven’t yet.

There are five of us living on this property, and we are reduced to taking sponge baths to keep our septic field from backing up into our bathrooms. We had to have the field pumped in early June and live daily with the prospect of having to do it again.

- Earl A. Wirth Jr., Appomattox