After the board of supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19, my heart is heavy for the community and the Concord area that I love. I have some food for thought … Appomattox is known for the POWER OF ONE … coming together in times of tragedy such as the tornado … but also during happy times such as the football championships. After the meeting, I feel like our future of the Concord community is in the hands of THE POWER OF ONE … the board of supervisors and their vote to push through the trash transfer station.

Thank you Mr. (Bryan) Moody for asking constructive questions during the meeting and standing up for us. On that note, Mr. (William) Hogan, Mr. (Chad) Millner and Mr. Moody are up for re-election with their term ending 12/31/19. When it comes time to vote, please make THE POWER OF ONE … your vote count.

My heart is absolutely breaking! So many members of the community … about 50 speaking (some in tears or on the verge) … with all but THREE (two big business men, town mayor included) against the trash station … yet our supervisors voted it through without a thorough environmental study and this “clean” transfer station has the possibility to impact our future, our children’s future and grandchildren’s future.

MANY facets of this entire situation just do not seem fair as a tax paying, law abiding, 30-YEAR Appomattox County citizen. I am NOT trying to be political. I just care for the community I live in and the county I have resided in all of my life. WE HAVE A CHOICE to call this community home and we are NOT done fighting.

- Mary Leigh Land, Concord