Dear Editor, 

It is so refreshing to see young people using the common sense route in choosing a trade for a lifetime career. My young cousin (18 years of age) is in training to become a beautician. That’s far more sensible than spending a fortune at some over-rated college, where she could build up debt, which would last a lifetime to pay off. I admire her.

I absolutely love manufacturing. I worked at Craddock-Terry Shoe Factory, Burlington Mills Cloth and General Electric. Loved it!

It is encouraging to know that there are more jobs than folks to fill those positions. Now, with training on-the-job, the unemployed have more hope of finding a job. This is as it should be.

We should have never sent business oversees. We should have, during the Obama-8-year-project, made available on-the-job-training.

Let’s face it. We all must make a living. If we have the will to work and the desire to do our best, there are numerous skills for which to be trained.

Plumbers, carpenters, electricians, landscapers, house cleaners, vinyl cleaners, mechanics, home repair people, painters, concrete workers, tree trimmers, barbers, beauticians, seamstresses, etc. I’m always in need of help from these folks! I need someone to alter some of my clothing. There is a job for everyone with the proper skills. It’s good to know that fewer folks are on food stamps and are able to do for themselves. That’s good. The USA and our U.S. Constitution have what it takes to live a productive life in this republic.

- Barbara Shelton, retired teacher, Appomattox