Dear Editor, 

I am a lifelong Virginian, with the past 20 years in Central Virginia, and this is my first ever letter to the editor, but I felt no choice but to write in response to Dr. Gary D. Goldberg’s very nasty letter on Democratic leadership in Virginia.

Dr. Goldberg claimed that the “governorships of Tim Kaine and Terry McAuliffe left their mark on Virginia with less skilled high paying jobs and proposed tax increases.”

This is incredibly misleading and deserves correction.

While Dr. Goldberg talked in hyperbole and provided no statistics to back up his claims, I am a numbers person and come armed with facts and figures …

Speaking to the more recent administration, Terry McAuliffe inherited a $2.4 billion budget deficit from his predecessor Bob McDonnell. By the end of Governor McAuliffe’s tenure, Virginia’s unemployment rate dropped from 5.4% in January 2014 to 3.6%, and he added more than 200,000 jobs.

And to rebut Dr. Goldberg’s point about “less skilled high paying jobs”, personal income across the board went up by 12.3% AND average hourly earnings went up by 7.8% during the McAuliffe years. Moreover, the McAuliffe administration made record investments in skill training for folks, many here in Central VA, to become qualified for high paying tech jobs. Note: All the numbers are publicly available on the Virginia Employment Commission website.

To Dr. Goldberg’s claim of proposed tax increases, Governor McAuliffe actually proposed lowering taxes. This is just another fact to counter the doctor’s wild screed.

So, to Dr. Goldberg and all others who seek to tear people down, do your homework first.

- Suzanne Long, Leon, Virginia