The hot, lazy days of summer are synonymous with iced tea, watermelon, and family barbecues. Few drinks calm the soul as a tall glass of sweetened iced tea sipped from the front porch after a long day working in our gardens.

Have you remembered to add your favorite tisane seeds to your garden list along with your favorite tomatoes and other vegetables? Wait, tisane seeds? Yes, a tisane is an infusion made from a variety of flower petals, leaves, herbs, barks, roots, and or spices either drank hot or cold. In other words, “herbal teas.”

A tisane can be fruity, floral, earthy, minty, spicy, or bitter. Some of the health benefits include soothing stress, boosting energy, calming digestive maladies, easing congestion, reducing inflammation, fighting infection, and aiding the immune system.

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