Names added to mobile heroes memorial at Railroad Festival

A special exhibit made an appearance at the Appomattox Historic Railroad Festival, and it included a poignant ceremony.

The VAU Fallen Heroes Memorial came to town, and several names of recently fallen heroes joined the ranks memorialized on the wall. Visitors to the festival could view the memorial wall in front of the Appomattox County School District offices on Court Street.

The memorial, a project of Richmond-based organization Veterans and Athletes United, consists of a 28x6 foot American flag covered with 7,063 dog tags — one for each individual — representing those American service members who have died in the Global War on Terror since Sept. 11, 2001. The 50 gold stars represent Gold Star families all over the nation. According to the VAU informational brochure, “The memorial flag travels to special locations across the country providing an opportunity for reflection and healing.”

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