Words from the Chamber

I have seen two postings of the annual rainfall that Appomattox received in 2020. One recorded a total of 79.99 inches while the other was 92.3 inches. Either of these is overwhelmingly more than the historical average of 43.6 inches.  

Some of the storms gouged out creek beds, eroded areas with insufficient vegetation and caused other similar damages. The ground is thoroughly saturated, and more rain is forecast for late this week.  Hopefully, we will have a drying out period before spring planting of garden and agricultural crops.

COVID-19 vaccine distribution has begun in earnest. Health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities are scheduled to be the first to receive the vaccinations. The recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are to follow with the vaccinations of essential workers and people age 75 and older as the next group, then with those ages 65 to 74 and people ages 16 through 64 with underlying medical conditions; and finally, everyone else. Your guess is as good as mine as to how long this will take and by when we will be able to operate our society in a normal manner again.

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