Gary's Corner: Beaver Trapping, Part 4

(Editor’s note: This is the final part of a work of fiction titled “Beaver Trapping.”)

It’s been three weeks. A party of five men load our bounty of over 300 pelts and travel down the river to base camp. We are excited to see our friends. They collected about the same as us; the southern post has trapped more. We have a feast and return north back to our camp. While we were gone, a Crow hunting party came to investigate the camp and stayed a few hours; no contact was made. We tighten our security; they might try to steal our horses or kill us.

We are close to the three-month return trip. Jointly, we have four barges loaded with furs of all description. Each camp is to supply 10 men and eight horses for the trip back to Quebec, which will be lead by Captain Pierre. The round trip will take about three weeks. We watch as they disappear, and we continue with our tasks.

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