Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

Back in the early days when I just got out of high school, I loved to fish.

I fished for everything that I could. I loved all the fish. I didn’t have a favorite fish to fish for but trout and largemouth bass was up there pretty high.

I was living in a trailer at the time. The best thing about living there was a stream ran through my back yard. It wasn’t 20 yards away. It had fish in it, but one fish I wasn’t counting on, CARP! These fish were humongous, 10-15-20 pounds or bigger.

I went back to the trailer and see what I have hidden in my tackle box. I got a bunch of this and that’s in there. I go back to the stream, and I tie on a spinner bait. All the carp did was move out of the way of the spinnerbait.

I look back in the tackle box and saw a dirt devil. It had a three prong hook on it. I thought if the carp eats this it’s going to be one heck of a fight. All I was doing was spooking the fish with that lure. Let me see what else is in the tackle box.

I think I went through every lure I had in the tackle box except for one thing that was four silver triple hooks. I’m on to something now. I tied three knots onto this treble hook. I got six pound test line on. I don’t know how old it is. These three knots I tied on are nothing like the knots you use today.

This all was happing in the early ’70s. Back then you ran your line through the eye of the treble and back through. Pull it tight and repeat two more times. Now I got three knots and nothing is going to break off.

The carp are plentiful in this stream. I got a good treble hook tied on and with six pound test line, I’m in great shape. I cast my line to the other side and watch my hook sink to the bottom in this clear water. It seems like it’s a waiting game.

The carp are not moving around too much. I know how to spook them. I grab a little stone and tossed up stream where I could see a lot of carp just hanging out. As soon as that stone hit the water it spooked the carp in my direction. Here comes one by my hook. There goes one by my hook. I didn’t know carp were that fast.

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