Raiders clipped in tight joust with Knights

The Appomattox Raiders boys basketball team very nearly came up with their second win of the 2022-23 season but fell short by one point, 46-45, to the Buckingham Knights in a Thursday home game on Jan. 19.

Kenneth Williams scored the winning point for the Knights on his second free throw attempt with just .04 seconds left in the game following a reach-in hacking foul on the Raiders. Williams was fouled on an offensive rebound after two missed shots by teammate Zahir Chambers. 

From the Appomattox baseline, Tre Kelso tossed a short inbound pass to Riley Chandler but he was defended by the Knights as time expired before having a chance to put up what would have been a near full-court shot. The Knights had the Raiders covered downcourt, so Kelso had nowhere else to throw the ball to avoid an inbound pass time-clock violation.  

Appomattox hosted Altavista (11-3) on Tuesday. The score will be updated in the next edition of the Times Virginian. 

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