On Thursday, Feb. 11, the Appomattox County School Board met with the Appomattox County Board of Supervisors in a joint meeting. One topic of discussion that came up was an update from the High School Renovation Committee. 

Dr. Annette Bennett said there was an update from the High School Renovation Committee that had met the day prior. It was reported that the discussion at the meeting was spent on whether they should focus on moving to the end goal in phases or if renovations should be tackled in a piece-by-piece manner.

There is a big push to get the ball rolling with construction, said Wyatt Torrence. 

Bennett said that there was no intention of having to raise taxes to pursue the school renovations. She said they were thinking to phase the renovation process “so that we could pay as we go” rather than borrowing a considerable amount all at once.

The school is hoping the end result will be a full renovation.

“We want to be able to do it in a manner in which we can afford it as a county,” said Bennett.

She said Jamerson-Lewis has a conceptual design that was presented to the school.

The school thought it might be time to sit down with Jamerson-Lewis to see what that design would look like and how they would phase it.

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