Hunt Smart, Fish Hard

As Elmer Fudd would say, “It’s Wabbit Season!” It was a Friday night after school, and all I had to do was get all my hunting stuff ready for the mornings hunt. My grandmother made sure I had everything ready to go all in one room. I had gotten my homework done, and now all I could think of was rabbit hunting in the morning. I had my .410 shotgun ready and had a box full of 3-inch shells just waiting to go with me.

Morning came, and I got ready. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had a cup of coffee and some of my grandmother’s homemade cookies for breakfast. I even put some into my hunting jacket to eat later. I got dressed and headed out the back door. Both pockets of my hunting jacket were filled with shells. I was going to shoot a lot of rabbits.

I make my way through town and walk up the big hill to the railroad tracks. I knew once I passed Washington Wood Craft (factory), I was able to hunt because it was just passed the town limits. I walk pass the sign, and now I load a three inch shell into my single barrel .410 shotgun. I still have 50 yards to go before the high grass starts on the edge of the railroad banks. The plan was simple: kick the lumps of grass and shoot the running rabbit. I kicked a bunch of times but no rabbits came out. There were briars and grass to hide in. This was a good hiding place for the rabbits. It was time to grab a cookie before I moved on.

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