Appomattox County Circuit Court Judge Andy Nelson denied a motion for Kristy Leigh Ratliff, 35, of Appomattox, to have the remainder of her sentenced reduced and converted to a suspended sentence. 

Ratliff explained that she wanted a shorter sentence in order to care for an elderly relative. 

Ratliff is currently serving a four-year term on a felony charge of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine with another 16 years suspended. She has already served one-and-a-half years of that sentence, including credit for times served at a prior sentencing in March.

Ratliff’s attorney, Kevin Bailey, ultimately requested that her sentence be reduced by one year with admission into a therapeutic community. 

Bailey and Appomattox County Commonwealth’s Attorney Les Fleet both agreed that reducing Ratliff’s active sentence to under three years would disqualify her for any chance to be admitted into a therapeutic community.

Fleet argued against reducing the sentence, saying there were other options to care for the relative. Also, he said Ratliff sent a letter earlier in the year requesting to be released over fears of COVID-19. Fleet said that Ratliff has not contracted the virus as of the date of the hearing.

In making his denial to modify Ratliff’s sentence, Nelson said that her seven past convictions in various counties factored into his decision. Nelson also said he did not see any compelling evidence that would justify reducing the sentence. 

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