Karin Robertson is an Appomattox resident who is running as a write-in candidate for the Appomattox County School Board in the Piney Mountain District. The seat is currently held by Bobby Waddell.

Robertson released the following campaign statement on Friday:

Robertson is a lifetime resident of Appomattox, graduating from Appomattox County High School in 1999 and continued her education at Liberty University where she graduated in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a focus on crisis management. She is also the mother of two teenagers, one with special needs and whom she homeschooled for six years. She has been avid in community service and is currently a wildlife rehabilitator in the Appomattox area.  

Robertson sees the future of Appomattox schools heading in a positive direction with her on the board. She understands the importance of interaction between parents and the school board. She feels that the school board needs a bright new prospective to move into the next generation of our students and being able to keep up with the ever-changing issues that students, parents and teachers are constantly dealing with. She wants to see changes made to the mental health support for children in the classrooms by giving teachers more tools to use. She also wants to implement programs for teachers to maintain consistent substitute teachers, teacher retention, and positive outlooks for those considering teaching in Appomattox schools.

Robertson also wants to better the special education department to help students with IEPs, 504s, and those who are new to needing assistance get the best possible education and not push the child through if they are not ready. She also wants to better the communication between parents and special needs administration, psychologists and teachers. She believes that parents and teachers need to work together to find the best possible way for kids to succeed and up our graduation rate including new high school trade programs, offering classes that kids need to be successful adults, and encourage different clubs and social activities for students to participate in. 

"Help me help you" has been her go-to slogan to get her name out into the community. Since she is a write-in candidate, voters have to write in her name under school board on the ballot. 

To cast your vote for her and help change the future of Appomattox County schools, write in Karin Robertson under Piney Mountain District under the school board elections.

"We as a community need to support our kids and our future. Help me help you do exactly that" .. Karin Robertson, write in candidate for Appomattox School Board Piney Mountain District.

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